It’s Monday.
I don’t always embrace mondays, but they are typically better than husband-hangover-sundays.
My girl is off from school today, she seems to be on the mend now *thankfully*
We are having a low key p.j day on the couch watching movies. As a kid I don’t remember many sick days, but I know I definitely had ditch days! I remember having days that involved hanging out with my mom, seemed we’d often go shopping. The absolute worse was having pnuemonia and a perforated eardrum. HELLO! THAT was painful. I was older when that happened, not that it matters but I was 16. I was positively sure that I was going to be completely deaf in my right ear.
Clearly, I am either procrastinating, holding back or actually have nothing to write about. Who knows maybe it’s a bit of each.
hope today ends better than it began!

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