how great

I actually *forgot* how awesome it is to use a keyboard to type!!! lame. I know.

A LOT has been taking up space in my head lately. As in SO much I don’t even know how to categorize it all.
I don’t really want to just keep complaining about crap, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

I am on the parent council at my kid’s school.
Let’s back up first. Before I even had kids, I knew that publicly funded schools were bad. YES! I said it.
SCHOOLS are bad! mmmkay? think on it, typically 1 teacher to 25 (a midline number, sometimes less but usually this or a few more) I give teachers a lot of credit, how some of them keep their cool; mind blowing. How do I know, you ask? as part of a minority, I am a ‘stay at home mom’. We are a single income family, still married and usually get along (another story for another day -if you are a regular reader, you might ‘get’ what I mean)
ANYWAY! where was I?
oh, yes, I have a lot of time and therefore I offer it to volunteering at the school. I am not ‘allowed’ to volunteer in my own children’s classes, so I help out in a class that needs a few extra hands/eyes/ears whatever! Certainly not all, however, a lot of students know who I am. They respect me and they know that I am pretty reasonable. I am 100% there for the benefit of the students. I am also on the parent council {from here forward called CSC} We have had many issues recently, one being parents not respecting the parking lot spaces/thru-ways. Last night at our meeting, 10+ minutes were spent (imo wasted) talking about the parking lot. I get that sometimes we do need to address the ‘apparently not that obvious’ every so often, understood. And while I felt that I could put it to rest, I chose to attend the morning assembly today, and no word of a lie, the principal, brought up the parking lot issue. Let me remind you, this is an elementary level school. In Ontario, you need to be 16+ to have your license.
These kids are less than 14.
Go ahead, do the math.
The next big rant was about uniforms.
Yes, the students wear uniforms.
The school policy, that we’re drilled is ‘taken straight from the board policy’ is a load of CRAP! I think it all wouldn’t be such an issue if there was just some common flippin’ sense!
We live in a sad society.
There is no common sense.
I expect the kids to lack in common sense, but I tack it up to their age and experience, or lack thereof. However, I am learing it’s not just the kids!
deep. long. sigh.

I suppose I could just say screw it! and let it all blow by the wayside, but if somebody doesn’t start standing up to stupidity, stupidity is going to keep dictating or bullying; and in my opinion that is just not right!

I really need to get back to the sewing job I took on… what was I thinking??? (just kiddin’ Tracy – do you even read my blog?)

so much more to say, but I should probably process some of it, I’m sure if I don’t, I could regret it later.

c’est la vie!

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