i am a minority, i am sure.
i don’t mind going to the dentist.
if i have to get any dental work done, i MUST HAVE freezing; and there is no such thing as ‘enough’. if i could have my teeth feel as they do when the nerves are ‘frozen’, that would be awesome!
not so awesome; i swear they are competing, to see how many instruments they can cram into my mouth. I had a mr. thirsty (don’t act like you don’t know who mr. thirsty is!) i not only had one hanging off the side of my mouth, but also another that was on-site. Then there’s the watergun, seriously, could they get that water any colder??? Moving along to the actual tools the dentist uses… drills, mirror, scraping tools, needles and who knows what else! I have become wise with my age, I have issues with TMJ so I take an ibuprophen before the appointment and ask for this little thing called ‘the block’ -if you have to have dental work done, and have issues holding your jaw open for a while, ask demand, the block! you will thank me!
The sh!tty part about the dentist, the later. the hours later… when majority of the freezing is gone and the pain sets in. the site of the needle, it aches.
feels like i was punched in the face. (not that i would know what that feels like…) I am glad the dentistry is done for a while. I do have the best dentist!

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