dear sugar.
i hate the hold you have on me. i don’t expect this new road to be easy, but right now i am so pissed that you have me in the same category as a cocaine addict. 


today, I decided to get up and tackle you. I am not going cold turkey, mainly b/c I am weak.
I didn’t change my coffee.
I did choose not to put jam on my toast.
I chose to drink water all day and ignore the carton ofcold resfreshing chocolate milk that was tauntilizing me.
I chose to snack here & there on a handful of mixed seeds & nuts, while the cookies stayed on the shelf.
I opted for bulkan style yogurt, a banana, apple & cheddar cheese.
after school, I had a complete brainfart and had a piece of easter chocolate *Ack!!!


I freaked and spat it out.
Supper was half a tacitto.
After the CS Council meeting I was still hungry so I ate a bowl of raisin bran.
This is NOT going to be easy.
Screw you sugar!


I have no intentions that this is some fad diet, it’s just me… doing my thing!
might even check this ebook link out.

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