We spend barely a few of our years as complete dependants on others to take care of us. Before long we become mobile and learn one form or another of communicating with other humans. Provided we are lucky enough to live in a place where we have safe shelter, drinkable water and food at the ready, we spend a few years of our lives being free from the future stresses life holds. This time frame is known to most as childhood. It can be challenging at times. Trying to fit in among peers; even doing things that are against your better judgement. Growing older is inevitable, making choices along the way can make or break you. If you have true friends, they won’t leave you. You should never feel that you are alone in this life.
While you are a kid, be a kid!
Looking at life from birth to it’s end, you spend most of your days as an adult. Find what makes you happy, if you don’t find peace within your skin; seek help. Sometimes a chat with someone that you look up to might help you to see things from a different perspective. Offer your time to somebody that is in need. It really does build your esteem/confidence & can possibly help you to see the future as perhaps you didn’t before.
Life. It can be like a bowl full of cherries. Whether they are sweet or sour is up to your perspective.
I have mental illness. When my days are dark, I zombie on. I continually push myself to remember -It could be worse. That stupid phrase has gotten me through a lot of days.
The bowl of cherries in the days of my youth, were a mix. When they were sweet they were SAH-WEET! however, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, enjoy it all, as it was always temporary.
If I can help #onehuman at a time, My bowl will be full of perfect cherries.
I want to help and you can too #onehuman at a time.

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